Jefferson County's Coroner is LaVar Summers. The Coroner's primary role is to determine and certify the cause and manner of death for those cases which fall under the jurisdiction of the Coroner. These include natural, accidental, homicide and suicide.

Under Title 19, Chapter 43, Section 19-4301, of the Idaho Code, The Coroner, as soon as he is informed that a person in his county has died: As a result of violence, whether apparently homicidal, suicidal or accidental, or A) Under suspicious or unknown circumstances, or B) When not attended by a physician during his last illness and the cause of death cannot be certified by a physician, shall go to the place of death and take charge of the body. An investigation into the events leading up to the person's death shall commence in cooperation with the appropriate law enforcement agency. The Coroner may authorize an autopsy to be performed by a licensed physician in the State of Idaho to aid in accurately and scientifically determining the cause and manner of death. The Coroner shall also prepare a written report of the factual information gathered during the course of such an investigation.