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Terms & Conditions for Jefferson County Maps


Jefferson County will not be held responsible or liable for errors or omissions of any maps and the data attached. The parcels are mapped for taxing purposes only, and may not be appropriate for any other uses. Data bears no indication of the actual location of the property lines.


Users of these data are responsible for gaining the appropriate training, software, and technical support for the use of these data.

Data Files

Jefferson County is an Esri based GIS office, and works primarily in shapefiles and geodatabases. As an open data sharing county, these data are provided at no cost to you, and it is expected that your agency will reciprocate data sharing if requested by Jefferson County.


Jefferson County maintains its spatial data in East Idaho State Plane Coordinate System, NAD83 projection, U.S. Feet. Users of these data are responsible for data and/or coordinate system conversions. Jefferson County will not provide conversion services.

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Map Gallery

The Map Gallery includes the links for the Cemeteries, County Commissioners and Parcel Map.

Access the Jefferson County Map Gallery.