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The Jefferson County Probation Department serves as an instrument for the Seventh Judicial District Court in supervising Adults and Juveniles who are court ordered to pretrial or probation supervision. 

Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Probation Officers are charged with rehabilitating youthful offenders and are involved with juvenile cases from inception to assist families in navigating the juvenile court system. 

Adult Misdemeanor Probation

Adult Probation Officers oversee adults who are convicted of one or more misdemeanor crimes and are also court ordered to participate in a formal  probation supervision program.  

Pretrial Release Supervision Program

The Pretrial Department oversees adult or juveniles that the courts have release from detainment (pre-conviction) and ordered those individuals to  participate in a pretrial release supervision program  during their court process.

How do I...

Report to Probation

If you have been court ordered to initially report to probation or pretrial supervision, you may Report On-Line 

Make Payments

COS or Court Fines: Probation monthly Cost of Supervision (COS) Fees and Court fines are paid directly to the magistrate courts by mail, in person, or through the iCourt Payment Portal 

Probation Costs: Pay juvenile problem solving court or other probation payments directly to the probation office in person, by mail, or through the Probation Payment Portal