Jury Duty


Jury questionnaires are sent out to qualify individuals within the county to serve on Jury Duty.  Jefferson County sends out questionnaires two times a year and the service period is six months - January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31. During that six months, you will need to watch for a summons. 

Beginning January 1, 2024, Jefferson County will be adopting a new system for jury service that will allow you to complete your questionnaire online. You will receive a questionnaire indicating your term of jury service which can be completed online (https://jury.idaho.gov) or mailed back to the Jefferson County Jury Commissioner (210 Courthouse Way, Suite 120, Rigby, ID 83442).  Once completed and processed, you will receive notifications about jury service by email, letter and/or text message.


If you request to be disqualified or to have your term postponed, you may be required to provide an explanation as to why you need to be disqualified or postponed.  

For example, if you are not a resident of Jefferson County, you must provide proof of non-residency. Disqualification cannot be granted until you show proof that you are no longer a resident of Jefferson County. Please attach a copy of your driver’s license or voter’s registration with your name and address along with your questionnaire. 


Summonses are sent out when you have qualified and your name has been placed on a docket.  The summons will have the date of the trial as well as a date to either call into a number (844-509-1211) or check online (https://jury.idaho.gov) to see if you need to report for jury duty. If you have any questions, please call the Jury Commissioner’s Office at 208-745-7736.

Reporting to Jury Duty

Jury Duty is a civic obligation. Rest assured that everything possible will be done to make your service interesting and educational. 

  • Please bring your summons, as it has a barcode that will need to be scanned to check you in before entering the courtroom. 
  • Please dress respectable to the courts. Hats are not allowed in court. Do not bring children.
  • You may be required to pass through security. Knives, sharp pointed objects, etc., are not allowed. 
  • You will be instructed on which courtroom to go to. 
  • You will be required to watch a video provided by the Supreme Court.
  • Keep all personal belongings with you. Do not leave any items in the area that you are seated, as you may not be returning to this location.

Courtroom Procedures

    No food or drinks are allowed in the Courtrooms. If you have a medical condition that requires a snack, break, etc., please advise the Jury Commissioner or Bailiff. They will arrange for you to take a break or provide what you need. If you have hearing difficulties please let us know, as we have hearing assistance devices that are available.

    Cell phones need to be turned off completely and during the entire time you are in the Courtroom. You are not allowed to text, look at Facebook, Twitter, etc. during your entire jury process. If your cell phone is not off, it may be confiscated if so ordered by the Judge. We will instruct you on when to turn your phones off once the process begins.

    Do not talk to anyone in the hallways of the Courthouse. Many witnesses and litigants are sitting in the hallways and any conversation could cause a mistrial. If confronted, please inform them that you are serving as a juror and not allowed to speak to them about it.

    Once the Jury Selection begins, you are not allowed to leave the courtroom. It is very important to both parties that you hear all the questions asked. If you have an emergency and need to leave the room, you will need to let the Jury Commissioner or Bailiff know. They will have to ask the Judge for a break.


Jefferson County pays $10 for a half day and $20 for a full day plus mileage to and from courthouse. Payments are sent once the trial has concluded usually within two weeks.