What is Probation?

Probation is the release into the community of a juvenile or adult who has been found guilty of a crime, typically under certain conditions such as paying a fine, doing community service, or attending a drug treatment program. 

Formal Probation – A type of probation where the offender must report to probation and follow court ordered terms in order to avoid court sanctions. The charges will not be dismissed once probation conditions are completed.

Informal Probation - A type of probation where the offender does not report to the probation office, and is not supervised by the probation office,.  However, the individual must follow any court ordered terms to avoid court sanctions. 

Informal Adjustment – (Juvenile Cases Only) A type of probation that allows for all charges to be dismissed after successful completion of all probation terms. This includes full payment of restitution and court fees, as well as no further law violations.

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